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In 2016, Royal Things officially started. From our passions for Christmas and flowers, we founded our own family business. There was no possibility of a separate warehouse at that time. Everything was done from our home, until the moment our house was so full, we didn’t had any space left to move around in. So it was time to start looking for extra space: from a container in our garden to renting a former printing office to ending up at our current location, with room for our work spaces as well as the Christmas store and the flower atelier.

In our Royal Things “Christmas Boutique” we offer all kinds of Christmas inspiration all year round: from fairy and pixie magic to decorative items and exclusive Christmas decorations. We welcome you to our store in Kortenberg where we take you into our world of boundless fantasy. Do remember to make an appointment first.

We’d also like to introduce you to our world of flowers. We rent out extraordinary floral creations with high quality artificial flowers. Through a subscription formula with usually four changes a year you always have a beautiful flower arrangement at home, adapted to the season. And above all: no maintenance, no watering … the flowers always look at their best!

The growth of Royal Things would not have been possible without a strong team spirit! We, Arend & Diederick, the proof that love at first sight does exist. It soon became clear that we are an enterprising, driven couple. Our shared passion for Christmas and flowers made Royal Things see the light of day. We have a solid relationship & communication base and are also well matched. We didn’t hesitate for a second to embark on this adventure together. In the meantime Louise -mother of Arend- joined us. Curious about who we are? Meet our team!



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Rental 6 Christmas trees


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Leuven Christmas Market
moved 4 times


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The Christmas Boutique


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New building
55 Christmas trees


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Opening Christmas Shop


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Opening new Christmas store level


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One and all frivolity. Creative glutton. Clearly did not steal his name with his eagle eye (Arend = eagle) for beauty and style. Go-getter at heart. Doesn’t think in obstacles, but above all in opportunities: “Everything is possible! After a life as a dancer, he now devotes his time mainly to the decorative side of Royal Things.

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Expert in insight and structure. Always being his calm, rational self. Dances through life both literally and figuratively. Attaches importance to personal development. Strong force behind the digital activities of Royal Things. With full dedication and under his own management, he ensures the efficient operation of both the webshop and the website of Royal Things. His previous experience as an IT professional comes in handy!


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Loving mom of Arend, dear future mother-in-law of Diederick. Blooms with optimism, knows no prejudices. The organizational, structured brain behind Royal Things. Her many years of experience as manager of her own printing and advertising company is an indispensable asset to our family business. A welcome extra pair of golden hands. And a golden heart, too.

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Yes, the strength of Royal Things lies largely in the personal and family aspect. We are different, but at the same time we complement each other. And it is this combination of qualities, talents and character traits that makes for a smooth cooperation.

We are proud that Royal Things evolved from “a hobby that got out of control” to a Christmas & Flower family business. This would not have been possible without your trust in Royal Things. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are ready to serve you in the best possible way.

See you soon?


Royal Things Team