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Atelier Vierkant

Atelier Vierkant is a Belgian company that manufactures beautiful handmade pots.
Baked from clay and with their square, round or organic shapes, they all are impressive objects for indoors and outdoors.


This family business was founded in Ostend in 1992 and is a story of passion and craftsmanship.
From idea to sketch. From concrete design to the construction of a mold. Experiment, search and refine to perfection. Everything is made by hand, making each pot unique. After the drying process, the pot goes for a few days in a 1200 degree oven. As a result, the pots are extremely strong and can withstand all weather conditions.
Special pieces that last a lifetime.

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Atelier Vierkant scores worldwide

From London and Paris to Singapore and Shanghai, houses, restaurants, hotels and businesses get an exclusive look with these clay artworks. With their San Francisco branch, they have also become an important player in the United States.


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