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The Belgian company ‘Domani’ is an established value and has his headquaters in Antwerp . The company name refers to the future.
Natural materials are chosen that are hand-crafted into beautiful pots and vases. Unique sustainable pieces that last a lifetime.


Unique production

All collections are designed in the head office in Antwerp, the production takes place in Hungary. The world renowned ‘Zsolnay’ porcelain factory near Pécs is the ideal producer of Domani’s collection with its 160 years of experience and craftsmanship. Here, masterpieces are delivered every day.

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Domani cortina high Kortrijk

The designs of ‘Domani’ are often inspired by nature, making them easy to combine with different styles. Due to the manual work and use of special techniques during production, each piece is different. That typifys the individuality of “Domani.”


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