Christmas in July

Christmas in July? I can already see you frowning. Who celebrates Christmas in the middle of the summer?
Well, a lot of people!

Exactly where and when it came into existence is still an open question. Some say at a summer camp in America in 1933, others claim that a group of Irish tourists started a “Yulefest” theme party in the Blue Mountains in Sydney in 1980. No idea who is right, but one thing is certain: many people celebrate Christmas not once but twice a year. After all, in Australia for example, December 25 is… mid-summer!

Now you’re thinking “why haven’t I done that before?” Well, grab your chance and get your Christmas tree out of the box!
Go crazy and get your house all ready for your new tradition! “Christmas in July”

santa swimsuit deco piece christmas in july idea
aqua baroque goodwill mermaid meermin chirstmas in july theme

How to celebrate “Christmas in July”

Be creative. You don’t have to decorate your whole house, although … we won’t stop you either ;-)
Do you go for a traditional theme or a summery approach? Decorate your tree with Santa Clauses in swimming trunks, flamingos, shells, mermaids and mermen. Totally up to you!

Your Christmas tree is the showpiece, but to make it complete, it also needs a real Christmas party! We celebrate this on 24 and 25 July, by analogy with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Do your cooking talents justice and make it a cozy party. Serve a refreshing Christmas cocktail instead of hot mulled wine. It is, after all, high summer.
Another tip for a closing party? Nestle into your comfy sofa next to the Christmas tree and watch a great Christmas movie on Netflix.

Extra bonus: Our little daredevils will be doing their very best to not get on the naughty list otherwise Santa won’t bring any presents!

Christmas shopping

The party is obviously a highlight, but for the true Christmas fanatics, now is the ideal time to do your Christmas shopping. Now there is still plenty of choice from the entire collection. Collectors know that many items may be sold out by November. The ideal time to buy your favorites before they are gone.

merry carol goodwill pre order before it is gone