Interior Planting

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Complete concept

Every interior could use some green. But how do you get started?
At Royal Things we love to advise you on how to transform your spaces into an exclusive total experience. Whether it’ s at your home or at the office, we can create an extraordinary setting by combining our high quality silk flowers or artificial plants with a unique pot or vase from our extensive collection. A green design in harmony with the interior and with the necessary contrasts.

Endless possibilities

Looking for additional green accents for your home, workspace, business or hospitality industry? Plants grafted onto real wood, which are almost indistinguishable from real ones, or rather a lush bouquet of silk flowers? Do you opt for a ‘Natural Look’ or do you prefer the sleek ‘Industrial Look’? Or are you looking for a pot or vase in a specific RAL color? Yes, the options are endless.
That’s exactly why we at Royal Things love to help you with your choice. As experts in greenery, we know perfectly which combinations will work for your project. This also makes us the ideal support for project developers and (interior) architects.

Looking for a helping hand? Do you want a project without worries? Then we will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.

Please contact us for more information or an appointment.

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Benefits of artificial plants

Green brings ambiance and coziness. An ideal addition to your interior. In addition, our silk flowers and artificial plants are not affected by environmental factors such as light and temperature.
Did you know that green in the workplace ensures greater productivity?

  • Remaining their fresh appearance and natural form
  • Artificial plants can be placed anywhere
  • No maintenance, only dusting now and then
  • They provide better acoustics
  • Almost indistinguishable from the real thing

Plant walls

Looking for a green eye-catcher? Then plant walls are just the thing for you! These walls create a green jungle in your interior. Because they are all artificial plants you can place them anywhere and they provide excellent soundproofing. Ideal for large open spaces such as your store, showroom, meeting room or entrance hall.
The ideal addition to your project!

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Moss walls

Today, “moss walls” are here to stay. Unlike plant walls, moss walls have a more serene appearance. The ideal solution for a cocoon effect.
Through a special treatment, the moss is transformed into mummy moss, so that it retains its color and appearance. Thus, a moss wall requires no maintenance.
Moss itself is so flexible that it can be used perfectly to fill in shapes or logos.

Pots & Vases

You’ve probably already noticed that our pots & vases play a central role in our green interior design. We are therefore proud of these unique gems! Would you like to know the many possibilities?

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