De Morgen Report – The business behind Christmas

For people in the Christmas industry, the busiest period of the year begins. Time to roll up his sleeves before Santa starts his round.

‘Si-hi-lent night, ho-oly night…’ While Arend, lying on the floor, hangs up a few baubles at the bottom of a Christmas tree and Diederick weaves a flower arrangement between the branches, the famous Christmas song sounds in the background. Arend: “As early as the summer we start drawing out new creations. Try to get in the Christmas spirit on a sweltering day. The carols put us in the right mood.” Surrounded by boxes bulging with glittering baubles, ribbons, flower arrangements and porcelain dolls, the duo prepares a Christmas tree. Within a few weeks, it must show off in a customer’s living room. “We try out every Christmas tree in advance. See where we put up the heaviest ornaments, how we arrange the lights. A lot of work, but it pays off. Because the second time we decorate the Christmas tree, on the spot with the customer, it always looks more beautiful.”

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