New Year’s letter: Eventful Year


Yes! As in previous years, we were had a lot of ideas. This year we would do everything we could to brighten up your wedding parties and events. We bought large stocks of beautiful flowers, set pieces for photo sessions… Unfortunately! The Coronavirus decided otherwise.

But don’t worry, we didn’t want to experience the closure as a punishment but as an opportunity to work out new ideas in peace and quiet – in our cocoon. We dreamed about how we could make our stand at the Leuven Christmas market even more beautiful, even more enchanting. Our ideas weren’t quite ready or corona threw a spanner in the works.

kerstmarkt 2019 1

The Leuven Christmas Market was imposed by the government on much stricter rules. We wouldn’t be Royal Things we let that put us off; we updated our ideas and were ready for to hit it again.
But corona was not fooled and we already felt the mood hang: what if the Leuven Christmas market is not allowed to continue?

A store that will be open all year round for people who are captivated by Christmas.

The Christmas Boutique

sfeerbeeld Funky Paradise

We were brainstorming again. Plans and ideas that had been in a drawer for a while were brought up. We were going to create our own Christmas market, more so, we were going to design a real Christmas shop.

For this we started looking for unique pieces of furniture with a soul that fit into the fairy-tale picture that we had in mind. For weeks there was puzzled, plans drawn and redrawn, display cabinets, bowls, tables, mountains of decoration material and all kinds of things were dragged along, and our showroom, which was previously full of flower creations, was emptied and completely transformed into a Christmas shop.

Not just any Christmas shop, no, a store that will be open all year round for people who are captivated by Christmas. A shop where the Christmas experience is everything.

Corona had no control over this. At least, that’s what we thought. After a modest opening – because a party was unfortunately not allowed in this time – we had to close our doors after a week. Corona had decided to knock on the door again. The 2nd wave was a fact.

Positive note

This year has brought about a lot. But one thing’s for sure: corona can’t take Christmas away from us. And we’ve noticed. Many of you bought your Christmas decorations early on. Unfortunately not at the Leuven Christmas market but especially in our webshop.

After we were allowed to open the doors of our “Christmas Boutique” again, many of you came to our store. We were happy with your visit. But we are much happier with so many nice comments about our store.

It is our aim that you are captivated, feel the magical vibes and start believing in Santa Claus again. And our plan seems successful, in these special times we have often been able to put a smile on your face!

RT Team

Always welcome in our wonderful world of limitless imagination, of course with our very own Royal Things touch.

Happy Holidays & Love,

Arend – Diederick – Louise