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Christmas all year round…
We have been dreaming of it since childhood. And we have recently made this dream a reality: our Christmas store – The Christmas Boutique – which is open all year round and has plenty of ambiance and coziness.

The past few years we have been looking for nice novelties for our stand at the Leuven Christmas market and for our webshop. We already traveled to the big international fairs in February and March. Unfortunately, this year that is impossible, just when we would like the “crème de la crème” for our Christmas store. Fortunately, there is Goodwill, a Belgian company and our main supplier, and this year they really come up with a beautiful collection.

They too have made some changes, so we don’t have to wait until March but can already make our purchases now.
And of course we didn’t waste any time to get there on January 18, the first opening day of their showroom. Curious? We would like to take you on our adventure!

Once upon a time


As soon as we entered the showroom we were blown away. As we’re used to from Goodwill, they always go full out, but this year they went the extra mile. Yes, we were hardly able to take it all in! Mega decors and 19 themes to marvel at. We felt like children in Wonderland, but in the wonderland of Christmas, with magical themes such as “Bohemian Fairies”, “Once upon a Time” and “Swan Lake”, just like in the fairy tales we used to dream away in.

Of course, the classic themes such as “A Christmas carol”, “Fishmas”, “Lapland Winter”, “Nutcracker”, “Religious”, “Santa’s Gifts” and “Santa’s Kitchen” are also covered. Lots of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clauses. But also many other little creatures and critters with the lovely Santa hat on.

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The colorful fish are back!

And Goodwill wouldn’t be Goodwill if they didn’t come out with a few eye-catching themes. This year they are “Aqua Baroque” and “Art Decotique”. Two well-known eras to which Goodwill has given a Christmas twist. Whoever says Baroque immediately thinks of those fantastic high wigs. And yes, these are also abundantly present in the “Aqua Baroque” theme, both with the fish and with the mermaids. And those wonderful colorful costumes…

The “Art Decotique” is not to be underestimated either, here Goodwill has been particularly inspired by the African influences during the art deco years. Typical patterned dresses, complemented by leopard prints and of course feathers. Lots of feathers!

Fishmas fish elves

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