New collection Mark Roberts 2021

The new Mark Roberts Christmas collection is out! Unfortunately we could not be there because traveling to the US is not possible at the moment. This year, however, Mark Roberts & Goodwill have partnered up, so we were able to go and see the new collection already.

mark roberts showroom display 3

Fairies, fairies and even more fairies

Those who love fairies will have known it! No escape, because the new collection has plenty of them. Little ones, big ones, chubby ones, tiny ones… but all equally “good”!

Where is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus couldn’t be absent, obviously! And mrs. Claus is also present. For the occasion they are dressed up in their best costumes. They also have a lot of surprises: one comes with a bike, another has a treasure chest full of jewels, a third … No, we do not reveal more, come discover it yourself in our shop!

mark roberts big santa doll
mark roberts showroom display 1
mark roberts fairies winter wonderland
mark roberts showroom display 2