Shipping costs

In our webshop the following countries are configured by default.
This ensures that the correct shipping costs are automatically charged during checkout.
By default, Track & Trace is provided for all our shipments.

Can’t find your country in this list?
Feel free to contact us and we will calculate your shipping costs with the most accurate and best shipping option for your location.

*For most orders, we provide standard shipping options, which are listed in the first table below. However, please note that certain products marked as “XL-shipping” do not qualify for free shipping. These “XL-shipping” parcels are larger in size therefore they require a special handling and shipping on a pallet. Due to the additional requirements and costs associated with “XL-shipping”, separate charges apply.

Inside the EU

Standard Shipping

Country Home delivery Pick-up point Free shipping Courier
Austria €21 €16 n/a DPD
Belgium €10 €8 From €175 DPD
Bulgaria €33 n/a n/a DPD
Croatia €36 n/a n/a DPD
Cyprus €94 n/a n/a Bpost
Czech Republic €23 n/a n/a DPD
Denmark €25 €19 n/a DPD
Estonia €26 n/a n/a DPD
Finland €60 n/a n/a Bpost
France €16 €14 From €250 DPD
Germany €12 €11 From €200 DPD
Greece €38 n/a n/a DPD
Hongary €26 n/a n/a DPD
Ireland €25 n/a n/a DPD
Italy €24 n/a n/a DPD
Latvia €26 n/a n/a DPD
Lithuania €26 n/a n/a DPD
Luxembourg €13 n/a From €230 DPD
Malta €93 n/a n/a Bpost
Monaco €17 n/a n/a DPD
Netherlands €12 €10 From €200 DPD
Poland €25 n/a n/a DPD
Portugal €27 €30 n/a DPD
Romania €38 n/a n/a DPD
Slovakia €25 n/a n/a DPD
Slovenia €25 n/a n/a DPD
Spain €26 n/a n/a DPD
Sweden €27 n/a n/a DPD

Non-standard Shipping

Country Remote area Courier XL Shipping – Pallet
Austria n/a n/a €161
Belgium n/a n/a €51
Croatia €92 Bpost n/a
Denmark €56 Bpost €210
Estonia €94 Bpost n/a
Finland n/a n/a €246
France €35 Bpost €125
Germany €30 Bpost €118
Ireland n/a n/a n/a
Italy €50 Bpost €231
Luxembourg n/a n/a €51
Netherlands €29 Bpost €51
Portugal €58 Bpost €250
Spain €91 Bpost €229
Sweden €57 Bpost €249

Outside the EU

Due to European VAT legislation, the VAT will be deducted at checkout.
The shipping costs mentioned below are exclusive of VAT and up to a maximum weight of 10 kg.
For a higher weight or for shipping in multiple packages there may be an additional charge.
You will be informed personally before the goods are shipped.

All our shipments are sent according to incoterm DAP. Additional customs fees and taxes are not included in the shipping costs and are to be paid by the customer.
Xl shipping? Contact us.

Standard Shipping

Country Home delivery Courier
Albania €73 Bpost
Andorra €73 Bpost
Argentina €107 Bpost
Australia €116 Bpost
Brazil €82 Bpost
Canada €55 Bpost
Chile €107 Bpost
China €76 Bpost
Colombia €105 Bpost
Ecuador €107 Bpost
French Guiana €107 Bpost
Guyana €107 Bpost
Hong Kong €75 Bpost
Iceland €73 Bpost
Indonisia €75 Bpost
Israel €97 Bpost
Japan €79 Bpost
Liechtenstein €73 Bpost
Malaysia €75 Bpost
Mexico €74 Bpost
Montenegro €73 Bpost
New Zealand €107 Bpost
Norway €52 Bpost
Paraguay €107 Bpost
Peru €107 Bpost
Philippines €75 Bpost
Reunion €149 Bpost
Russia €70 Bpost
San Marino €149 Bpost
South Africa €75 Bpost
South Korea €75 Bpost
Suriname €107 Bpost
Switzerland €52 Bpost
United Arab Emirates €107 Bpost
United Kingdom €41 – Shipping possible from €200 Bpost
United States €73 Bpost
Uruguay €107 Bpost
Vatican €79 Bpost
Venezuela €107 Bpost

We reserve the right to cancel orders whose standard shipping cost, is excessively lower than the actual cost requested by the courier. In these cases, we will always contact the customer first to try to find the best solution. In case of no agreement and cancellation of the order, the order will be refunded.