The ultimate artificial Christmas trees guide: the 7 major pros and cons

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Christmas is coming, and you may be wondering whether to buy a real or an artificial Christmas tree this year. You’re not the only one. Millions of people face the same dilemma every year. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, and the choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and budget. In this blog post, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of artificial Christmas trees, and help you decide whether to go for real or an artificial Christmas tree.

The advantages of an artificial Christmas tree

  1. Comfort – No more Christmas stress

    Put an end to the cold rut

    No queuing, cold nose or heavy traffic. Just take your artificial Christmas tree out of your storage room and start assembling it right away. You can also quickly put the Christmas tree back in storage after Christmas. Whereas with the real Christmas tree, you often still have to take it away (whether or not for a fee).

    Long lifespan

    The artificial Christmas tree lasts for years. Compared to a real Christmas tree that only lasts a few weeks. Ideal for people who start decorating early and still want to keep a beautiful Christmas tree. Enjoy a green Christmas tree from Christmas to New Year. The end of barren needles!

    Free yourself from endless brushing – the maintenance-free Christmas tree

    Before the real Christmas tree is in place, you’ve often had to clean the car and the road you’ve traveled. This often doesn’t stop there as some Christmas trees lose their needles after a while anyway. Brushing again! And when dismantling and taking the Christmas tree away, you may polish everything again. Not the case with an artificial Christmas tree. After installation, you have no more worries throughout the Christmas season.

    Quick and easy installation

    The new line of Christmas trees are very quick in assembly. They consist of 2 or 3 parts that you quickly click together. After this, the branches fall into place. Extra bonus, some models have built-in lights.

  2. Safe and Allergy-Free: The Protective Features of Artificial Christmas Trees

    Safer in case of fire

    Artificial Christmas trees are mandatorily fire retardant. This makes them a lot safer than the dried out Christmas tree. Which may well catch fire from a small spark or fire sparklers from the fireplace.

    No more allergies

    A real Christmas tree can cause problems for people sensitive to pollen, resin and mold. The artificial Christmas tree is made of synthetic materials that do not cause allergies. Do store your artificial Christmas tree dust-free and moisture-free otherwise dust and mold can get into it as well.

  3. The tree that suits you! Because an artificial Christmas tree is really beautiful


    Artificial Christmas trees have improved a lot compared to the past. Most models lean towards the realistic specimens such as these species: Nordmann, Fir, Spruce and the blue spruce. So you don’t have to compromise on the appearance.
    Some of the premium models even come with needles that resemble a real one.


    Of course, not everything has to be realistic. Sometimes it is also allowed to be more beautiful. Because many artificial Christmas trees today are more beautiful than the real ones. Fuller, greener, wider, in short just more beautiful. Besides the classic Fir, you also have models that are just a little bit different. A blue or a gold Christmas tree, why not? Or a half Christmas tree? You place it against the wall and save a lot of space! Do you love the winter landscape? Then you can also buy a snowy one. Don’t worry the snow will not melt πŸ˜‰

  4. Cost-saving

    Yes you read this correctly, an artificial Christmas tree is cheaper than a real one. Although this idea may seem implausible at first, it is important to consider the savings not just per year, but over a period of about ten years. After all, an artificial Christmas tree lasts at least that long. And in this way, it is much cheaper than going to get a real Christmas tree every year. Add to this the fact that due to rising prices a real Christmas tree becomes more expensive every year.
    Tip: Don’t buy the cheapest one, go for quality, that way you don’t have to buy a new one every few years because then it ends up being more expensive again.

  5. Environmental impact is smaller than you think

    It is said everywhere that artificial Christmas trees are worse for the environment. But many modern artificial Christmas trees are not. They are often made of recycled materials and have a long lifespan of at least 10 years. After this, you can still donate them to a charity. Whereby the impact does not outweigh the annual felling of many trees and the relocation of these Christmas trees (Finland, Norway,…).

  6. Sturdy and strong – The robust artificial Christmas tree

    Artificial Christmas trees, they are the heroes of the Christmas season – strong, sturdy and the basis for the home’s atmosphere companion. No more sagging branches! Because honestly, what could be worse than a bauble breaking because a branch is failing. But wait, there’s more: these sturdy friends are not only your perfect decorating partners, but also a sturdy base for those big, beautiful decorative pieces. Dreaming of an American Christmas tree, full of grandiose decorations? With an artificial Christmas tree, it’s possible!

  7. Not just for Christmas – Creativity knows no Seasons

    Did you know that your artificial Christmas tree is not just for during Christmas? It’s like a blank canvas that you can transform for any occasion. Think fresh spring breezes, warm summer days, colorful fall leaves and even for special holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween – your artificial Christmas tree can handle it all. After all, who says decorating should be limited to one season? With an artificial Christmas tree, you have every excuse to show off your creativity all year long!

The disadvantages of an artificial Christmas tree

  1. No extra family outing

    While artificial Christmas trees save you from winter’s cold and inconvenience, this convenience also takes away the opportunity for families to immerse themselves in a beloved tradition. The charm of wandering through fragrant coniferous forests, finding the perfect tree and lively conversations about the best branches are moments cherished for generations in some households, but sadly skipped when choosing an artificial Christmas tree that simply emerges from storage.

  2. The traditional smell – The only benefit that Artificial Christmas trees really lack

    The artificial Christmas tree has many advantages over its natural counterpart. But there is one advantage that a real Christmas tree offers that is hard to match: the smell. You get that characteristic pine scent with a real tree as a free bonus. While you can place scent diffusers with an artificial Christmas tree to approximate the atmosphere, it’s still not quite the same. Something magical is lost in replicating the authentic smell of freshly cut pine. It is that unique aroma that is inextricably linked to the warmth and coziness of the holiday season and that artificial Christmas trees cannot fully emulate despite their many advantages.

  3. Artificial Christmas trees – the ultimate storage challenge

    While an artificial Christmas tree undoubtedly provides the ideal Christmas atmosphere, it is good to realize that storing it can take up some space. This can be especially challenging for those with limited living space. However, here comes the clever twist: for those who use their artificial Christmas tree for decorating in other seasons as well, the storage issue is solved immediately. In fact, these versatile trees allow for year-round creativity, meaning the tree continues to fulfill its wonderful role without the need for additional storage space.

  4. Breakage is often the end of the artificial Christmas tree

    Let’s talk about the great work that goes on behind the scenes to make that artful Christmas tree shine in all its glory. Because believe me, it’s not as simple as it looks. That lush, full look requires some effort – meticulously bending and positioning each twig until it’s just right. But that’s not all, because some Christmas trees take the work to the next level. You have those trees where you have to assemble the large branches one by one to the central pole. And I can tell you, that’s a project in itself. It takes quite a bit of time and work to get everything just right. That’s why we choose the type of artificial Christmas tree where the branches are already mounted to the pole. This not only saves you a lot of effort, but also ensures that you can achieve that beautiful, lush look you are looking for quickly and with less effort.

  5. Deciphering the Price of Artificial Christmas Trees, Cheaper Long-Term Option, but an Initial Investment

    When considering an artificial Christmas tree as an alternative to the annual purchase of a real one, the financial aspect should not be overlooked. An artificial tree is usually cheaper in the long run, but costs more in the beginning. The initial purchase price can sometimes be daunting, especially when compared to the annual cost of a real Christmas tree. This transition requires conscious financial planning and recognizing the long-term benefits.

    Note: The Balance Between Cost and Realism

    Care must be taken when searching for a suitable artificial Christmas tree, especially when the focus is on avoiding high expenses. While cheaper variants may seem attractive, it is crucial to pay attention to the quality and realistic appearance of the tree. Cheaper options can often look unnatural, with unrealistic branches and colors visible even from a distance. In this regard, it is essential to consider not only the price, but also the craftsmanship and overall aesthetics of the artificial Christmas tree you choose.

  6. The Christmas tree base – the less flattering bottom of the artificial Christmas tree

    The base stand of an artificial Christmas tree can be rather, shall we say, unsightly. But don’t worry, because there is a simple and stylish solution available. By placing a Christmas tree skirt under your tree and some beautifully wrapped presents around it, you transform that somewhat dull base into a true eye-catcher. The Christmas tree skirt adds a touch of elegance and hides that ugly stand, while the colorful presents bring an extra dose of festive flair to your living space. It’s like a quick and easy makeover for your tree, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: sharing joy and creating memories during the holidays.

  7. Enchantingly addictive – Once you have 1 you’ll want more

    Let me warn you: artificial Christmas trees can be quite addictive πŸ˜‰. Once you have one in your home, your eyes will naturally start looking for new possibilities to expand your collection. And believe me, those possibilities are endless! With so many different shapes and sizes to choose from, you can place these trees just about anywhere you can think of. They are like a canvas for your creative expressions, and once you start discovering the unique looks each tree brings, you may catch yourself longing for one more. Or two. Or three. Yes, artificial Christmas trees tend to feed a delightful addiction, and that’s because of their infectious versatility and irresistible charm.

royal things artificial christmas tree guide 7 pro cons

With our comprehensive guide in your back pocket, you are now armed with insights that can help you make an informed choice for your Christmas tree this year. Whether you choose the convenience of an artificial Christmas tree or the charm of a real one, remember that any Christmas tree brings a unique atmosphere to your home during the Christmas season. So, let your heart and creativity guide you as you choose your perfect Christmas tree and create a decor that will bring you fond memories and joy throughout the Christmas season and long after.